Erika Karl hates selfies. She moved to New York City from Ohio with nothing more than a suit case and a few bucks in her account. Two decades later, she tries her best to not be a cliche, struggles with her selfies, and still loves her work. Erika has experience in photography, illustration, mixed media, and is always curious to try new projects. Her work often strays from the norm both in concept and process.

Currently, Erika works as a high end retoucher in fashion and advertising. She started out in darkrooms during the 90's, but naturally transitioned to retouching over the years. She's known for loving the challenge of compositing and creating something out of nothing in an image. Erika works in post production studios in NYC, and also freelances on her own.

Today she lives and works in Greenwood Heights of Brooklyn, NY. If you'd like to inquire about her retouching services, or see a portfolio, please contact her below.


If you would like to collaborate, know more about my retouching services, or just say hi, I'd love to hear from you!


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